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About Bright Honey Design Co.

Focused on making artfully produced websites and print work, Bright Honey Design Co. aims to furnish a design solution tailored for your company. We are a full scale graphic design company based on the North Shore of Boston, close to New Hampshire's Seacoast. We help small business owners develop and maintain an internet presence, integrating social media outlets, and the latest technologies. For our clients we aim to create a strong image that reflects a well developed brand, while still projecting a local flavor that connects with their community.

Briana Yarbrough Owner, Designer

I am a New England born graphic designer based in the Boston area, with over 18 years experience in the design field. Solely a freelance designer for the past 4 years, I thrive on helping clients achieve their branding needs by offering creative & well integrated design solutions, whether printed page, website or blog, or sales & B2B marketing presentation. Spending time creating mixed media art pieces, journaling, trying out new design treatments in our home, and going out to see live shows at some of the areas small music venues with my husband are some of the ways I like to relax & recharge my creative flame so it can pour over into my commercial art work.

What Our Clients Say:

"Briana's work leaves a lasting impact on those who have the opportunity and privilege of working with her and viewing her creations. She has a gift of combining her past experience with new thoughts and ideas to create originality at it's best. It has been a joy to work with a young woman with so much wisdom and passion, her work is memorable for all those who view it."

Debra Torris, Walls Within Interior Design

Design Process

My goal is simple - to create for you, a beautifully branded and designed marketing piece, that will get your business the presence it deserves whether on the internet or distributed through the classic printed page. After I receive a communication regarding your project, I will set up an initial hour long consultation to learn more.


What will you need to bring to your consultation? Basic information about you or your business, what type of customers do you want to attract, customer testimonials, and a list of employees and their functions, will help us get a grasp on the best design solution for your company.

Some of the most important questions to consider are: What is the overall goal of the new design project? What message are you trying to communicate and why? Are you trying to sell more products or get awareness of your product / service? How do you differ from your competitors? Do you want to completely reinvent yourself or are you simply updating your promotional material? Are there any styles that you have seen that you like, or don't like at all? Once I get a briefing on your design project I will put together a detailed quote and agreement for you to consider.

Your quote will include a set upon amount of revisions, usually 2 or three rounds. Any photos or information you wish to be added to your site or brochure will need to be provided at this point in the process. If you are in need of copywriting services we can assist you there as well. Let us know and incorporate it into the agreement! Once the quote is signed for approval we will move ahead to designing the first draft of your website, or print project. For new clients we require a 50% deposit.

Based on a carefully curated style direction, I start working out a design, and bring it to a semi-final state. This design mock up will then be presentated to you through email and a phone conference. Armed with your feedback, I can then fine tune the design(s), resulting in a round or two of edits.

Once the final product is acheived, we will provide you with a mock up or prototype. Upon final approval we will prepare your files for press and submit it to the chosen printer, or launch and test your website, ensuring all functionality is in working order.

Skill Set

As a designer, I rely on a full range of software on the Adobe Cloud, to produce effective printed pieces as small as custom designed business cards, and as large scale as trade show and billboard displays. I also provide full scale web design services, using CSS and HTML, as well as experience in producing Word Press CMS blogs. I feel grateful to be a part of a cooperative network of creative and talented designers, illustrators, and photographers, and backend coding gurus, that share their expertise, time and feedback when called for.

  • CSS/HTML 40%

  • Print Work30%
  • Wordpress 25%

  • SEO 20%

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